Rainey Co is a forward-thinking, design-conscious commercial real estate company that provides brokerage and advisory services to business owners and investors seeking distinctive retail, creative office, restaurant, bar, and hospitality properties.

We curate distinctive districts in Austin, Texas by procuring and entitling properties, concepting architectural designs, cultivating investors and tenants, and brokering meaningful transactions.


We have a track record of creating value for our investors, clients, tenants and the community by:

  • identifying up-and-coming areas and properties in Central Austin
  • collaborating with excellent and trailblazing tenants
  • transforming under-utilized properties into income-producing, community-enhancing places

With established relationships, proven intuition and a deep understanding of Austin’s character and regulatory environment, we identify development opportunities that benefit investors, business owners and the healthy growth of Austin. Each of our projects is inspired by emerging trends, historical assets and the natural amenities that surround them.


“I created Rainey Co to develop real estate that nurtures and grows what I love most about Austin.”         

- Dale Glover, Owner/Broker

Rainey Co's founder, Dale Glover, has a proven instinct for trends, a big picture vision on how best to get deals across the finish line and a curious capacity for navigating city-zoning issues. All of which make him an ideal partner for complex real estate endeavors.

He actively works to integrate thoughtful urban planning and community-enhancing design in order to secure the best outcomes for his clients, the surrounding neighborhoods and the environment.

Dale began his commercial real estate career in 2005 with a key role in the creation of a Capital Area Council of Governments’ project that helped map the future of development potential in central Texas. Armed with this powerful market intelligence, Dale was recruited and served on several land planning board positions and official city appointments during one of Austin's most dynamic revitalization cycles.

Recognizing an opportunity to make a positive impact, Dale acquired his Texas Real Estate Broker’s license and built a loyal client base. He’s had the privilege of representing emerging technology companies, restaurants, bars, national retail brands and property owners in a variety of real estate transactions throughout Austin.